3epkano – At Land

Post-rock seven piece instrumentalists 3epkano are allowing their album ‘At Land’ available for free through Bandcamp!

Review: The Silent Ballet [7.5/10] http://www.thesilentballet.com/dnn/Reviews/EntireList/tabid/99/ctl/Details/mid/483/ItemID/1064/Default.aspx

Updated info:

3epkano are a Dublin based, seven piece collective who are dedicated to producing originalsoundtracks for silent and avant-garde cinema. Founded in 2004 by Matthew Nolanand Cameron Doyle, we are:

James Mackin:drums/percussion
Matthew Nolan: electricguitar
Richard McCullough:keyboards/organ
Laurence Mackin: bassguitar
Cameron Doyle: electricguitar
Lioba Petrie: cello
Karen Dervan: viola

3epkano will release our newalbum, Hans The ReluctantWolf Juggler, on Sunday, October 16.