TKO – Keystone EP

Quality Rock tunes from an excellent Irish band TKO. Keystone is free through Bandcamp!

“Keystone is a three track EP. In the olden days it would have been called a single with a couple of B-sides. I’m glad we’ve moved on a bit because to my ears the second track ‘Hiding in the Corner’ is the better track than the radio friendly lead track ‘The Busker’. When I seen TKO last week there was particular edge to the performance and the tracks. The violins, sax and clarinet at times add a European grittiness to the sound. The lead song ‘The Busker’ is missing some of that grit, although is a fine song in it’s own right.” 2uibestow 9 out of 12

Golden Plec Review:


Bouts – EP 2011

Brand new music from Dublin indie rockers ‘Bouts’. EP 2011 is a free download through bandcamp!


Harmless Noise:

The Point of Everything:

Padraig McCauley & The P Affection Album

The debut album from Padraig McCauley and the P Affection is a superb collection of pop songs designed to lift your spirits. Available below through Bandcamp.


2UIBestow [10 out 12]

Alternative Irish Music Review:

Noise: [68%]